Dev Preview – Techniques

Lately I’ve been working on giving players other options rather than forcing monsters to have the base ability Recharge. The idea is that there would be another ability slot that you could customize and only certain abilities would be available for that slot, and that slot only. This means that you would only be able to have one of these special abilities equipped at a time. For now I’m calling these special abilities “Techniques”(couldn’t come up with anything better).

Being able to swap out Recharge is something that made more sense after introducing Dugo to the game and wanting there to be a dive mechanic for him. Following the last patch that made Mana recharge over time, letting go of Recharge is now possible. With this change, you now have the option of swapping Dugo’s Dive for Recharge if you wanted to.

At this time, Techniques work just like regular abilities, except that they do not cost any resources to use and have no EX versions. Here are the Techniques that are currently in the development build.

  • Recharge
  • Dive
  • Focus(no longer an Ability)
  • Flame On
  • Psych Up

Recharge lets your monster regenerate Mana at an increased rate that scales with your monster’s Mana stat.

Good for heavy Mana users that want to dish out more ranged abilities.

Dive is a Technique available to monsters that are slower on land than in water. While in Dive stance, your monster’s speed is greatly increased but Stamina regeneration is halted completely until your monster surfaces again.

Great for slow monsters that want to be more mobile and have an easier time landing melee abilities from a distance.

Focus gives the user a Focused status effect. While Focused, the next ability used by your monster consumes the Focused status and the damage from this ability will be boosted by 50%.

This is good for hard hitting monsters that want to multiply their damage.

Flame On is a Technique available to all fire types. It gives the user a Flame On status effect which lasts for 15 seconds. While affected by this status, all fire abilities used will have their damage increased by 4. Any physical contact with the enemy monster will also apply a Burned status effect to them.

This is a good choice for a fire type monster with quick and multi hit fire attacks as well as monsters who want to get some extra chip from non fire melee abilities.

Psych Up is a Technique available to all Psychic types. It gives the user a Psyched Up status which lasts for 5 seconds. While Psyched Up is active, all non EX Psychic abilities that are blockable will activate 3x faster.

This is a powerful effect that is great for creating lot of pressure but it will also drain your resources pretty quickly.

These are the ideas behind each Technique, though there will probably be some that are stronger than others for now. I’ll balance them over time.

So that’s what I got going on right now. There is lots of room for more Techniques to be created. These Techniques should open up more styles of play and make monsters feel much more different in battle. I’m going to have to work a lot on AI though since there’s a lot of logic in there that was based around Recharge being available, but that can come after I patch the game since it’s been a while.