Monster & Ability Types

Monsters and Abilities have types associated with them. However, these types may not work the way most people expect them to.

For example, a water type ability isn’t more effective vs a fire type monster. There is no type advantage in Mdot. Types are used for 2 things.

1.) To give monsters themes and identity, meaning a fire monster won’t be performing any water type moves.

2.) To give the abilities themselves themes and identity.

Fire moves are strong, high damage moves. They also have high mana costs associated with them.

Psychic moves are strange and can do interesting things and have good utility. They cost mainly mana but also consume some stamina due to the intense concentration required by your monster.

Earth moves mainly require stamina but will also consume some mana. They also tend to be slower than other ability types. To make up for this, earth moves give the user armor and hit hard.

So no type has a direct advantage over the other. Types in Mdot mainly represent different styles of combat. This allows for any monster to be viable vs any other monster.

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