About M.EXE

What is M.EXE?

M.EXE is a Multiplayer Monster Battle Game being developed using the Unreal Engine 4. You play as a Trainer that gives your monster commands in battle. This project is heavily inspired by Digimon World and Pokemon. The focus of this game is battling.


Current State:

M.EXE is out for Early Access on Steam: M.EXE on Steam

Everything works including Multiplayer. The game is still being developed and can go through big changes from patch to patch.


A mysterious program appears online, with the executable file being m.exe. The program allows people to enter a mysterious world where each person that enters is assigned a monster partner. The monsters all have their unique personalities, but they all have one thing in common. They crave to battle. And to do so efficiently they require a human trainer. m.exe quickly became popular as a competitive game, with many trainers all over the world battling to become the best.

There is a mystery as to who created m.exe and where it came from, as well as an unknown threat. When I work on a single-player adventure mode for this game, I plan on basing it around this mystery.