Patch Notes v0.14

—– Patch v0.14 —–


Techniques are in the game. You will now have the option to switch the Recharge Technique for a different one.

Techniques work just like regular abilities, except that they do not cost any resources to use and have no EX versions. These are the Techniques coming in this patch.

-Normal Type

* Recharge
lets your monster regenerate Mana at an increased rate that scales with your monster’s Mana stat.

* Dive
is a Technique available to monsters that are slower on land than in water. While in Dive stance, your monster’s speed is greatly increased but Stamina regeneration is halted completely until your monster surfaces again.

* Focus(no longer an Ability)
gives the user a Focused status effect. While Focused, the next ability used by your monster consumes the Focused status and the damage from this ability will be boosted by 50%.

-Fire Type

* Flame On
is a Technique available to all fire types. It gives the user a Flame On status effect which lasts for 15 seconds. While affected by this status, all fire abilities used will have their damage increased by 4. Any physical contact with the enemy monster will also apply a Burned status effect to them.

-Psychic Type

* Psych Up
is a Technique available to all Psychic types. It gives the user a Psyched Up status which lasts for 5 seconds. While Psyched Up is active, all non EX Psychic abilities that are blockable will activate 3x faster.

For more info on Techniques check out this blog post:

I’ll have to see how techniques work with the game for a while, but I like having the option to pick your own style of play. It was also a bit odd to have a few monsters have Dive rather than Recharge.

The AI don’t really know how to take advantage of their Techniques yet, so that’s something I’ll have to work on. I might need to start from scratch with the AI because it’s become way too messy as I’ve kept adapting it to new mechanics rather than creating it with all the mechanics in mind.

Bug fixes

* Fixed Charge and Tackle abilities having their EX versions locked

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