Dev Build Testing: Resources & Knockdowns Changes

– More changes to Mana & Stamina

Mana and Stamina have gone though lots of changes since release. Here I’m trying a few more.

– Problems with Mana & Recharging

Recharging became a problem because it was the only way to regenerate mana, other than the Dive ability that only Dugo has access to. While this made it more unique, it also restricted me quite a bit. Recharge became a mandatory ability. I had recently made it so that using an ability only stops the regen of the resources it requires. This meant that using a Mana only ability no longer prevented Stamina regen. I think this is really interesting because it worked towards my goal of having a less passive way of managing your resources. But I couldn’t do the same with encouraging the use of Stamina only abilities because mana doesn’t regen passively.

– Problem with Knockdowns

Knockdowns used to benefit the monster left standing much more. They would regen their stamina but the knocked down monster wouldn’t, which resulted in knockdowns being way too powerful as well as stamina use being rewarded more since mana didn’t regen during any of this.

I wanted Knockdowns to serve as a better reset mechanic, where both monsters would be at a more even playing field. To do this I made it so knockdowns would reset the resources of both monsters back to full.

The problem ended up being that knockdowns happened quite often, which meant resources resetting all the time. As a response I decided to also nerf Mana and Stamina for all monsters so that they would still run out between knockdowns. This lead to problems where monsters didn’t really feel very different when it came to their resources and it also created problems where both monsters would be idle due to having no resources when no knockdowns were occuring.

– Changes In Dev Environment

Mana now behaves just like Stamina and regenerates over time. The regen rate will depend on your monster’s Mana stat.

Recharge is still a good ability but now simply regenerates your mana faster.

Dive now only prevents your monster from regenerating Stamina in exchange for speed while under water.

Recharge is still equipped for all monsters. This will be changing soon though. The ability slot where Recharge currently sits will become customizable. Soon you will be able to select from different unique abilities that will only be usable in this slot, meaning you can only have 1 of these equipped at a time. These abilities will hopefully change the way you decide to play. This means Dugo will soon have the option to not use Dive and use Recharge instead for example.

Stamina-Only abilities will now keep your mana regenerating and Mana-Only abilities will keep your Stamina regenerating. Hybrid abilities can now be made more impactful if needed. This should add more depth to the game and affect your decision of which abilities to equip for your monster and when to use them in battle.

Knockdowns no longer reset resources. When a Knockdown occurs both monsters will begin regenerating their resources at their normal speed. Once the downed monster gets up and returns to battle position, there will be a 2 second countdown similar to the 3 second countdown at the start of the match. Once this countdown ends the battle will begin. This countdown gives both monsters a bit more time to regen their resources and also makes it more clear when the battle is starting back up again. Managing your resources should be more important again.

EX Abilities will not interrupt your regen as they do not require neither Stamina nor Mana. They can be used to buy your regen more time.

Taking non block damage will now interrupt your regen.

These changes are being tested now and could easily change, but so far I’ve seen good results from this.