HOTFIX #2 V0.12

KOTH Arena

– Added logic to KOTH Arena to handle Draws. Was glitching the game mode out. Both Trainers will earn 100 bits and should rematch.

– The win reward has been brought down from 300 bits to 200. The losing reward has been brought down from 100 bits to 50 bits.


– Charging abilities that require being a certain distance from the enemy in order to use will now check the distance once again after the initial charge up time is completed. If at this point the enemy monster is too close the ability will be interrupted.

This was done to prevent charging attacks like Charge and Tackle from executing from short distance which made them odd to deal with at times.

– Fixed another bug that resulted in melee abilities activating before actually being in range, resulting in your monster doing no damage and looking pretty silly.


– Added logic for enemy AI to better handle queuing up abilities. This should result in an increase in difficulty.


– The Arena now has a black and white floor paint. This floor paint was designed to have customizable colors in-game. The idea is to eventually give players the ability to customize their own arenas and this is the first step towards that.

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