Patch Notes v0.12

Patch Notes v0.12

There are a lot of changes and some new features in this patch and with it there are going to be bugs. Some of which I’m already aware of and more to come. While this version isn’t quite as polished with the features it introduces, I felt like it was time to put something out there to let players test and fix it along the way.

Improved FPS During Battles

Some optimizations have been made to the Battle UI which has resulted in a 10-15 fps increase during battles in the Editor version. For players on lower end machines, you will hopefully notice your battles playing out much smoother.

Abilities Stop Only the Regen of the Resources They Require

Currently, using an ability will stop your passive Stamina Regen. This is now only the case if the ability you are using requires Stamina. This means that you can now use Mana only abilities to keep buying time for your Stamina to regenerate. This now gives more purpose to using long range projectile abilities that might be easily dodged, and also encourages more use of projectile abilities that take more time to charge.

It also creates a different situation for Dugo while diving since mana will passively regen for Dugo while performing stamina only abilities.

This will allow for longer back and forth battles where players can manage their stamina without having to be completely passive.

Attribute Changes

Every monster in M.EXE has 100 points that make up their total base attributes. Because of the changes I had to go through each monster and properly adjust their attribute point distribution. Monster stats have changed so have a look through all your monster forms to see all the details.

Regen Attributes Removed

Stamina Regen and Mana Regen are no longer main attributes. Mana and Stamina now also govern their respective regen stat.

Using your attribute points to upgrade mana vs mana regen felt very similar so this change makes your choice more clear. Your monster’s regen stat will still be displayed but it will scale with the respective mana or stamina attribute.

Health Attribute Nerf

Health was a bit strong and has been nerfed. Each attribute point on Health will now grant 2 health instead of 3. To make up for this the minimum amount of health has been raised from 100 to 150. This is a general buff to all the smaller/lower health monsters.

More Reliable Melee

Melee abilities have been made more reliable. There were many instances where a monster would use a melee ability too early and be out of range or simply wouldn’t get close enough to their target. This has for the most part been fixed and should result in much more consistent gameplay.

Higher Melee Movement Speed

While melee abilities are activating(winding up) your monster moves at a faster speed than normal. This speed has been increased which will allow melee abilities to be a bit more threatening. It also makes Charge and Tackle abilities much faster and more dangerous.

Tackle and Charge

The way the game handles two monsters using Charge or Tackle abilities vs each other has been changed. Now the monsters will more appropriately push each other away rather than both of them being pushed into the same direction.

Tackle and Charge Separation

Tackle is no longer the EX version of Charge. Instead they have been separated into different abilities. Charge is now only available to smaller sized monsters while Tackle is only available for the larger monsters.

Large monsters will now trade better vs smaller monsters when charging at each other. Tackle will knock down while Charge will not. Tackle will cost more stamina. Small monsters shouldn’t be trading even vs large monsters when charging at each other.

Larger Arena

The space you have available during battles has been increased and the distance that monsters start from each other has been increased as well. I wanted to give more space to maneuver, especially with the increased speed during melee windups.

Arena Modes

The different arena maps have been disabled in this build. Instead there will be only 1 Arena and in the future I will be adding a way to change the look of the Arena from within. Instead you will now switch between different modes.

The first mode is Training Arena. Training Arena is basically the Arena we are used to. You will spawn in are able to change your monster at computers as well as spawn AI to battle against. Other players can join in and you can walk around and battle as you please.

The second mode is KOTH Arena. This will be a more restricted Arena where constant battles will be taking place. When you start up a KOTH Arena you will see a view of the Arena. The UI will show a list of Trainers in queue to battle. By pressing SHIFT + SPACE you can enter or exit the queue.

If less than 2 players are in queue the game will spawn an AI Trainer and will add this AI to the queue. The AI will always be on the hardest difficulty. If no players are in the queue then 2 Trainers will be spawned and they will then battle each other. Any players present will automatically spectate the match.

The winning Trainer will remain and battle the next in the queue. The losing Trainer will go back to the queue, or in the case that the losing Trainer is an AI, they will be deleted and a new AI will be spawned.

For everyone who enjoyed the old AI Spectate map or would like to just sit back and watch some good battles, you can just start up a KOTH Arena and grab some popcorn.

***Also important to note: KOTH Arena is now the only mode that currently grants rewards to players. Players will receive 300 Bits for each win. There is nothing to spend your bits on right now but these Bits will remain on your account to be used for things in the future. How much currency you earn will likely change in the near future but I wanted to give a good incentive to test this mode out. For now even losing will grant 100 Bits as long as it’s not a surrender. This can all be easily abused and is only temporary.

Battle Camera

The battle camera has changed again. This time I’ve decided to focus on making the action as clear as possible. The camera is a bit further away in order to see more of the battle and no longer looks to monsters that have been knocked down. This helps with the larger arena size.


Terram and Mentis Additional Punch Animations:

Terram and Mentis have new punching animations to differentiate their light punches from their heavier ones. This will be most obvious with Terram who uses punch animations to launch rock projectiles. Smaller rock projectiles will use the light punch animations while the larger ones will use the heavier ones.


Hot Meteor –

A lava projectile ability that costs 30 mana. It fires a fireball from the sky that falls down onto the opponent.

EX Hot Meteor(Flaming Meteor) –

The projectile now does 35 damage

Fixed bugs

– Fixed a bug where counter attack abilities would keep monsters frozen if the enemy didn’t trigger your counter attack

New Bugs

– KOTH Arena has a bug where clients have their cameras switch behind their character instead of staying on the Arena view.
– KOTH Arena allows players to switch to their character’s camera view while spectating