Patch v0.1.0.1 Tag Me In Patch

Patch v0.1.0.1

Fixed the Freezing Bug

Fixed a bug where the game would freeze after losing in the Wilds. You would spawn back at the PlayerHub unable to move. It was a pretty annoying bug and I’m sorry it took this long to fix it.

2v2 Rework into 2v2 Tag

2v2 Tag will be replacing the current 2v2 mode because the game is balanced around 1v1 combat and there were a lot of broken things with 4 monsters in the arena at once. This will also make it much more possible for a single monster to take on 2 enemy opponents of the same level.

The command for switching targets will now tag your teammate back in instead. If your teammate is an AI then you can use this command to tag yourself back in.

Here you can see 2v2 Tag in action:

I want 2v2 battles and coop to be a big part of the game so that it’s more than just a fun wacky mode that the current 2v2 system is. I want it to be a competitive and strategic mode and I would like to offer coop experiences in PvE. This is one big step towards that.

I’ve tried cleaning it up as best as I could but I’m sure there will still be an issue or two with 2v2 Tag so please let me know what you experience so I can try to fix it as soon as possible.


In the Red Arena you will find an AI Trainer standing around. This AI will spawn with a random monster when you enter the map. You can add that AI Trainer to your party to try out 2v2 battles vs 2 AI. I will figure out how to best make this option available in the future.

Settings and Stability

The game has had some problems with people getting stuck in menus and problems with video settings not saving properly after setting them. I have fixed a few bugs that were causing this, but it was also caused because the game fails to detect the ideal resolution for people’s monitors. Due to sometimes giving players higher resolutions than their monitors support, the UI would bug out in FullScreen and Borderless modes.

To fix this, I have made the default settings set the resolution to 1280×720. The default screen mode will also be Windowed rather than Borderless. And to help some players on lower end machines, the default resolution quality setting will be set to 80 rather than 100.

In order for existing players to experience these new default settings you will have to delete your current SettingsSaveSlot.sav file which is located in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\m_4_14\Saved\SaveGames

It’s better for new players to get low settings at the start and be able to set their settings higher than it is for players to have high settings at the start and sometimes be unable to set them lower due to graphics issues. This should at least help players on lower end machines a little bit.

Graphics settings should also properly save after closing the settings menu now. Also you can press the ESC key again to close the escape menu.

These changes to settings have the potential to mess some stuff up. I haven’t noticed anything in my tests but I’ll be keeping a close eye on things and will try to patch any problems as quickly as possible

Arena Auto Level Removed

Monsters will no longer auto level to 10 in the Arena. Instead monsters below level 10 won’t be available to use in the Arena, and you will need a level 10 monster to even go through the Arena Portal.

Having monsters auto level created a lot of problems, such as stat points carrying over outside of the Arena resulting in low level monsters with all 10 stat points. It also made leveling your monster seem a bit pointless.

The main issue that I had before having monsters auto level to 10 in the Arena, was that new players would go straight into the Arena and unknowingly put up their level 1 monsters vs other player’s level 10 monsters. Needless to say, this wasn’t very fun for them. With Auto Level, new players would come in and be a bit overwhelmed in the Arena with everything available. Then they would leave the Arena and see everything they had available to them be taken away. Now new players won’t be able to enter the Arena and it will be clear to them that they should go into the Wilds and learn the game a bit first as they level their monsters up to 10. This should result in a better initial experience in the Arena.



Draining Bite – A melee bite ability that does 10 damage and heals for 15. Even though the attack can be blocked, the healing will still take place.

EX Draining Bite(Vampiric Bite) – Works the same as Draining Bite but will heal for 25.

Draining Bite is a bite ability that is only available to monsters with fangs. Currently only Sooth Saber and Terram can use it


Ice Wall – A wall obstacle ability. It has 15 health rather than 25 health like Rock Wall. The up side is that for every melee strike an opponent does to the Ice Wall, they gain a Chill stack which will bring them closer to being frozen(FYI: It takes 5 Chill stacks to become frozen).

EX Ice Wall(Ice Fort) – Works like Rock Fort, but again less health and applies Chill stacks to opponents using melee abilities. It spawns three walls in front of your monster. These walls unlike the standard Ice Wall will block heavy projectiles.

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