Patch v0.1 Bye Rat Hi Cat

Patch v0.1.0.0

Psyrat has been remodeled by Adri.

Take a look here for some of Adri’s art:
You might see a sneak peek of a future monster.

Psyrat has also been renamed to Soothsaber. This is a completely new model with new animations. Gameplay-wise nothing has changed for this monster, other than a bit of an increase in size, but as I add more abilities to the game you can bet Soothsaber will get something for its big teeth and thick tail.


Monsters are now able to connect melee abilities vs opponents who have recently been knocked back by a previous attack. Previously your monster would miss a follow up melee attack due to the enemy still being pushed back the the initial blow. Now your monster will detect when an enemy is being pushed back and will advance accordingly to land the strike. This does not affect an opponent who is dashing.


Some abilities have been changed to counter attack abilities. Using a counter attack ability will put your monster in the counter state significantly faster than the current default counter command. The counter attack is also performed much faster than a regular counter with a lot less options of defending vs the attack. This makes using counter attack abilities much safer than the standard counter. The drawback is that these are EX abilities and so they have limited use. The meter is also used up, regardless of whether a counter attack ability is actually triggered or not.

EX Taze – Is now a counter attack ability. This helps separate it from it’s standard version and makes Taze a more versatile ability to pick up.

EX PsyPush – Is now a counter attack ability. The main purpose of PsyPush is to keep distance between you and your opponent. Even though PsyPush is relatively quick, EX PsyPush can now be used for the situations where PsyPush wouldn’t be quick enough to stop an enemy attack.

EX Haymaker – Is now a counter attack ability. Also known as Uppercut, EX Haymaker was a really good move. It was very fast and very hard to react to, even when expecting it. It needed a change but simply making it slower and increasing the damage would have gone against the spirit of the attack. As a counter attack ability, Uppercut remains a fast hitting knockdown attack and a powerful ability. Just a little less powerful.

EX FirePunch – Is now a counter attack ability. Just like Uppercut, Flame Uppercut has received the same change for the same reasons.

Current obstacle abilities such as Rock Wall now spawn a certain distance in front of the caster rather than directly in between the caster and their opponent. This seems to feel more fitting for the current obstacle abilities. The exception to this is when monsters get closer than that certain distance, at which point the ability will instead spawn directly in between the monsters. The reason for that is to prevent a few exploits that could be done on close up opponents.

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