Psyrat Remodel + New Artist

Psyrat is getting a remodel, and probably a new name too. I’ve gotten help from a talented artist who generously decided to create and donate some her art for the game.

Her name is Adri and she’s a pretty cool banana


You can check some of her art out here

Turns out she’s pretty skilled in 3D modeling as well and, needless to say, I got pretty excited when she showed me this:


Psyrat was probably the monster that was in most need of a remodel and now it’s gonna be pretty dope looking. I’ve been working hard to get this model in-game and so far so good.




I’m still making animations and some small adjustments but the new Psyrat(or whatever its name will be) should be in-game soon with the next update. Maybe one day Adri can make a rat looking monster and a new Psyrat can make its appearance into the arena.

Adri has also sent me more 3D models to put into the game and they look great as well. You can check them out in future posts.

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