Quick Progress Update

Hey everyone. I just wanted to give a quick update on what I’m working on right now. Not all of this will make it to the next patch. Apologize if there are lots of errors since I’m typing this up as quick as possible in order to get back to fixing.


-I’m trying to fix the Trainer duplication bug in multiplayer. I’m pretty sure I fixed the circles under the trainers duplicating but I won’t be completely sure until I put a new version up.

-Fixed not being able to leave your party. Since changing the game to third person, there wasn’t any way to leave a party due to the mouse not being available to click a button in the UI. Now you can once again leave your party by going into the monster menu(TAB) and using the mouse to click on the red close button on the party list. You can also leave your party with a controller by using RT+B.

-Fixed a bug where if you were on the second page of abilities and then changed to a monster that didn’t have enough abilities to go to a second page, that monster would then not be able to pick any abilities or switch pages.

-Fixed enemy monsters being highlighted at the start of battles. This was carrying over from having them targeted prior to the battle.



Cancel & Counter commands are new and may provide new exciting ways to battle. However, this is all still in testing and either of these could easily be scrapped if it ends up not working out. I think players would rather test this stuff rather than just hear about it, and since the game is still in an early state I’m going to put it out there so you can do just that.

-Cancel Command

-Allowing you to give a Cancel command to quickly cancel abilities at the cost of some stamina and meter. Will be cool to see how this comes into play. This will be done by pressing X on the keyboard or LT on the controller. If you have an ability queued up, it will cancel the queued ability. If you use it again while no ability is in queue, it will cancel your current ability at the cost of a bit of stamina and meter. The amount of meter consumed is the same amount as is gained by starting the ability that you cancelled up. So in the end you don’t gain or lose any meter.

Once abilities are within a certain amount of time until finishing they will no longer be able to be cancelled. For example, Scratch doesn’t have enough time to be cancelled once it has been activated. Fireball can be interrupted well within the activation time because it has a much longer cast time.

All abilities can be interrupted before they start activation, meaning melee abilities can be cancelled while your monster is still moving towards the enemy. The exception are charging abilities like Charge and Tackle. These cannot be cancelled once movement has begun.

-Counter Command

-Allowing you to use the new Counter command. This will be done by pressing the C button on the keyboard or RT+RB on the controller. This will put your monster in a counter state after a short delay. If struck with a melee ability during this state, your monster will interrupt the ability.

If the counter isn’t triggered, then your monster will be briefly stunned following the counter state, giving the enemy the advantage.

Countering will briefly stun the enemy and give you advantage on your next ability. A quick ability following a counter will be hard for the enemy to interrupt but armored abilities can counter it effectively. A slower but stronger ability will punish armor attempts as well as blocks but will get interrupted by quick abilities.

I really thought it would be good to make counter a base ability rather than limiting it to only certain moves. This gives you the freedom to follow up a counter with anything you want. I’m sure there are more possibilities beyond my testing that I haven’t thought of.

-Customizable Arena

Right now when you make an arena you choose which map to load up. With the customizable arena, it will just be one arena. Once you enter you can access a computer that will allow you to change the appearance of the map. From dirt, to grass, to ice, to some scifi looks.

This will let you change the look between battles without having to make a new game. It will also save me a lot of trouble of having to update many maps over and over whenever I want to add a new feature into the arenas so hopefully following this I will be able to focus more on polishing arenas as a whole.

-Dojo KotH

I teased this a while back but I’m still working on it. It’s just harder to work on this stuff when there are so many bugs still around. But it’s working pretty well so far. You can battle different AI Trainers, one after another. AI that lose are deleted and replaced with new ones(harsh!) so being the King should mean getting some fresh battles each time. Players that lose are not deleted(phew!) but are just put at the end of the queue.


Bugs I’m still working on

-Third player entering multiplayer games cannot move. Can currently be fixed by being invited to battle or sometimes by pressing T.

-Local Multiplayer isn’t quite working since the third person change because both players have to share a camera. I’m working on a splitscreen feature that will activate when a local player joins but that will go away if the both of you battle each other.

-Monsters charging in the wrong direction. Still unsure as to what is causing this.

-You can enter arenas that are full making the max player size when creating arenas pretty useless as long as it’s greater than 1.

-Sometimes abilities will begin activating immediately, causing melee abilities to miss or for certain animations to play twice or something. It’s weird.

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