Testing Counter Strikes

In this video you can see a counter attack in action

The idea is that if you time it against an incoming melee attack you will get a punish. Your monster doesn’t have enough time to transition into a block before the strike but an armored ability will activate on time allowing you to counter it yourself. This wasn’t an intended effect but it seemed interesting so I kept it in. If the counter isn’t triggered then the user becomes vulnerable for a short time. The counter also doesn’t work on ranged abilities.

I would like to do more with the counter. I’ve been thinking of making counter a base ability like block and dash. Your monster would do the initial portion of the counter attack in this video, and you would be able to select from a few different counter attacks to perform. By default it would be a quick counter like in this video that does a bit of damage and is too fast to block but can be countered by armored abilities. Another option could be a heavy damage ability that would still do decent damage past a block and would punish an armored response with a knock down but could be countered by another counter. Another option could be a throw maybe, that knocks the enemy down without doing any damage resulting in a reset which includes refilling the stamina bar for both monsters.

This is very WIP so I’ll have to figure out how to implement something like this without it making melee abilities too weak. I’ve been thinking of ways to make melee abilities more common as well as giving players more ability options during battles.

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