Patch v0.0.95

I’m putting this patch out earlier than I was going to because it fixes a huge bug found by Jason Rodriguez. So big thanks to him for finding it and helping me find the cause of it.

Fixed Monster Freeze Bug

I can’t guarantee the bug is gone for good, but I definitely fixed the root cause of it and haven’t experienced it since

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in your monster not being able to receive any more commands in battle

Reduced Game Size

  • Game should now be about 950mb rather than multiple gigs

Third Person Perspective

  • New Third person perspective changes the way you experience the game outside of battles

New PlayerHub

  • New PlayerHub supports the new 3rd Person perspective
  • PlayerHub now includes the Arena and the Incubator
  • ArenaHub & Incubator Room scrapped




Some improvements to the Wilds. Many more improvements to come as well as a probable name change to this since Wilds isn’t quite fitting for it. Will probably name it Sky Challenge and bring the Wilds back in another way.

  • Improved the graphics a bit of the islands in the Wilds
  • Increased the size of the islands in order to get the same amount of battle space as you get in the Arena maps
  • Fixed a bug that brought your monster back to full health if you added or removed a stat point from your monster’s health stat
  • Increased the healing in between islands to 40 from 20 to better fit the increased amount of health that the game received a few patches ago


Visual Changes

  • New camera when talking to monsters now brings you up close and personal





  • Now has the same amount of force as Rock Shot


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