Patch Notes v0.0.9.2

This is a smaller patch to clean up and fix certain issues. There are a couple of buffs to certain abilities but it’s mostly a visual effects change for certain things.

Tighter Battle Camera

Visual Changes

  • Battle camera is now a bit closer to the monsters (significantly closer when monsters are in close proximity of each other)
  • Decreased the size of the Battle UI a bit to help free up some screen space (Will try to make this customizable in a future patch)
  • Updated visual effect for Recharge base ability
  • Made the red circle effect under projectiles thinner and more subtle
  • Changed the color of EX Psychic abilities to make them stand out more
  • Fixed fire melee abilities not having the proper fire effects or colors
  • Uppercut abilities now have more of an upward force, launching enemies up a bit
  • Using the Cast Now command by issuing the ability command a second time now properly displays the added ” NOW!” text (I will probably find a better way of issuing this command in a future patch)
  • Removed the belts from spawned AI. (Belts were being tested here and will return in a future game mode)
  • Added many trailing effects to different projectiles where appropriate
  • Made Water projectiles more visible
  • Stopped many ability effects from immediately disappearing as soon as the ability ends
  • Improved the visual effect of Flame Breath and Frost Breath as well as their EX counterparts
  • Added a spawn effect to rocks that are spawned during abilities, such as Rock Punch & Rock Protect
  • Added a large dust effect when rocks are spawned to leave a haze of dust in the air during battle

Hiding Non-Battle UI

You can now use the “;” key to toggle most non-battle UI. This will help free up screen space to better spectate/record battles.


Heavy Psy Bubble can be a very powerful EX ability but its slow speed combined with its projectile lifetime makes it a bit too easy to avoid. This change should make Heavy Psy Bubble a bit more of a threat without going overboard. Psy Bubble also gets a small increase to help out a bit.

Psy Bubble

  • Projectile lifetime increased from 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds

Heavy Psy Bubble

  • Projectile lifetime increased from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds


Psy Burst has it’s situational uses, but usually Psy Push could accomplish similar results. To make it more worthwhile its damage has been increased.

Psy Burst (EX Psy Push)

  • Damage increased from 3 damage X 3 to 5 damage X 3


While the EX versions were already useful, Flame Breath and Frost Breath became a lot less useful after the change of pacing for battles in the previous patch. To help these abilities out I have given them persistent armor, which the used to have in a much earlier version of the game.

Flame Breath

  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time


  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time


Frost Breath

  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time

Freeze Breath

  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time