Patch Notes v0.0.9


v0.0.9 that New Feel Patch


Command Delays

Abilities now have a longer delay between when you give a command and when the monster begins to react. This includes reactions to Block and Dash commands. In general, being defensive and countering will take a bit more prediction and require more caution rather than being able to react to almost any offense right away. This doesn’t change the speed at which abilities are executed, just the delay before your monster begins to react to a command. The delay is present in AI without trainers as well so it’s all fair.

Percentage Blocking

Blocking has changed a lot. I really loved how simple blocking was to understand since you only had to subtract your block rating from the enemy’s attack to know exactly how much health you were going to lose. There was a real problem with the way blocking worked though. Because it subtracted from the damage, low damage attacks like Scratch and Fist Attack became really weak in comparison to higher damage attacks. Even monsters with the lowest block ratings would be able to block weaker attacks with no problem.

In this patch blocking will be percentage based rather than subtracting from the damage directly. The way it works is that first penetration will be calculated. If the penetration is greater than or equal to the target’s block rating, then it will still be as if the target had never blocked. If there is no penetration or if it’s lower than the block rating, then automatically 1 damage will be subtracted from the attack. This ensures that it’s still always better to block a weak attack, since a percentage of very low damage is often less than 1. Then afterwards, the damage is reduced by a percentage based on your block rating.

Overall, it means that all attacks will get to do some damage when blocked. It also means that all monsters will still see a decent damage reduction when blocking higher damage attacks, but only monsters with high block ratings will actually see a good reduction in damage from blocking weaker attacks. You can now safely stack points on block without fear that it will go to waste. At the same time, you no longer have the safety of 4 points in block reducing Fist Attack to 1 damage for each hit. It also gets rid of the weird hump between having 3 points on block and 4 points on block(4 would make 5 damage attacks do the minimum 1 damage, while only having 3 block would double the damage to 2).

More Health

With more damage going around, I needed to up the starting health a bit to compensate and make matches last a little longer. This also helps make higher health monsters have a little less of an advantage as before, since more minimum health makes the health attribute points worth less, though they are still pretty strong.

Stamina Regen

Stamina is proving to be a challenge to get right. It has changed a lot but I will be watching it closely. It now recharges at the same speed as you recharge Mana, assuming your Mana Regen stat is the same as your Stamina Regen. However, Stamina now takes more time to begin recharging than before, which should leave opponents with a good window to attack you if you are drained. This makes it so running out of Stamina isn’t quite as punishing as before since it can currently be very hard to recover once out of it. This should also make it less stressful for monsters that run out of Stamina quickly while still leaving them vulnerable for running out. Stamina taking so long to recharge made Stamina abilities less favorable since Dashing was so important. With Dashing having a longer delay, and Stamina recharging faster, it should encourage more use of Stamina attacks. This also helps since matches may last a bit longer with more health going around.

Mana Recharge

Recharge now has a bit more of a delay before your monster actually begins getting some mana back from it. The delay is slight but it’s there which helps it match up more with all the standard abilities in the game.

Knock Outs

KOs almost always benefited the aggressor who would be regenerating Stamina while their enemy struggled to get up. This often lead to too big of an advantage since after dealing 25+ damage you now also had a decent Stamina lead as well. The way Stamina works now also doesn’t really allow for this to work the same way, and it always bothered me how unpredictable this could be. If the defender was KO’d close to their battle start location, then they would be in a bigger Stamina disadvantage than if they were KO’d far away from their battle location since they would gain Stamina while moving into position. It also meant slower monsters had a slight advantage there too, since it would take them longer to get there… It was just really funky, so for now I have removed this feature. KOs now simply reset the fight while granting all participants full Stamina. In many ways, KOs favor the defender now since it prevents the aggressor from following up with more damage after the initial hit, but it really depends on how much Stamina both players have available when the KO takes place.

Move Command

The Move command is useful for getting your monster in better range for melee attacks, but it would also leave your monster vulnerable to attack during the movement which made it a bit of a risk to use. I wanted to get rid of this risk in order to encourage getting closer to your enemy. In this patch the Move command is cancelled when you give your monster another command. This means you can move your monster forward and during the movement you can give a Fireball command or a Dash command and your monster will immediately stop moving and begin processing the new command.

Dodging Melee Attacks

Dashing away from a melee attack felt very inconsistent sometimes. Since the attacking monster will track their target, you could sometimes dash away and still have the enemy keep tracking you during the initial movement of your dash, which felt a bit unfair. To combat this, melee attacks now create an invisible target for your monster when they begin winding up. This temporary target will spawn in the same location as the enemy monster’s location but will not follow the enemy monster. As a result, dashing away to avoid melee attacks should feel a lot more consistent as long as your monster starts their dashing movement during the windup.


Larger Monster Collisions

Many monsters have gotten their collision sizes increased a bit in order to prevent monster models from getting too close to each other during battles which would result in things like heads overlapping. As a result melee attacks should be in range a bit faster than before.

Added Some Effects for High Graphics

The game now has some motion blur, lens flare and depth of field effects. You should only see these if you have your Post Process settings up to 3. I’m still playing with these settings so it might need to be toned down.

Shield Effects When Blocking

The Block shield effect has changed a bit. It looks a bit different but the main change is that is visible as long as you’re blocking instead of only when receiving damage while blocking. Taking damage while blocking will shortly change the color of the Block shield to give better feedback that damage was blocked.

Outline and Ground Circle While Performing Abilities

It should now be very obvious when a monster is performing an ability. I’ve been working on making it as clear as possible and I think I’ve finally done that. Monsters who are performing abilities now have a white outline. The outline will be yellow if the ability being performed has armor.

I have also added a white circle effect on the ground that starts large and grows smaller as the ability is being performed. This circle serves as a visual representation of how much longer it will take for the ability to finish casting.


New Battle UI

The battle UI such as the abilities available and the health bars have all been upgraded. The life bar has been changed into a circle progress bar that also displays your current hp as well as your max hp in numbers.

Fire Projectile Effects

Upgraded the fire projectile effects to now look more like a ball of flame. The fire projectiles now also leave a trail of smoke as it travels and this smoke persists after the projectile is destroyed. This sets up the base code for other projectiles to also have persistent effects and more effects will see some upgrades over time.


New Look for Computers

The model for the computers has been changed so they look a bit sleeker now.

Ability Changes

There were lots of changes to abilities in order to help balance the game a bit more after all the changes listed above. I won’t list all the changes because after so much testing and so many different dev versions I’ve honestly forgotten… Sorry about that. I’ll try to keep better track of numbers once things become a bit more settled in development. But I’ll try to put some of the important things out there.

Takes a bit longer to charge, same for EX so they both have matching charge times
The speed at which the Fireball projectile travels has been increased to match the travel speed of EX Fireball

-Scratch and Fist Attack
These abilities are now much stronger since blocking doesn’t make you almost immune from them. With the added Stamina going around, they had become more spammable. In order to combat this, the Stamina cost for these abilities has gone up.

Stamina cost has gone up from 15 to 24(8 per hit)

-EX Ice Chomp
I wanted to reward landing this ability a bit more and make it more unique

Now does 15 damage instead of 25.
Now instantly applies Freeze to the opponent, consuming all Chill stacks.

New Abilities

In this patch I’m introducing 3 obstacle abilities. Not only are these new abilities but they are the first of their kind. These abilities spawn an obstacle into the battlefield that you should be able to use to your advantage. I will be watching these abilities closely.

Energy Barrier
Energy Barrier is a psychic ability that creates a wall in front of your monster that blocks only enemy projectiles. It does not block monsters however, so you are still vulnerable to melee attacks. It can be destroyed through enough damage.

  • Lasts for 10 seconds

EX Energy Barrier

This version of Energy Barrier will reflect projectiles back at the opponent and cannot be damaged.

Rock Wall
Creates a solid wall between your monster and their opponent. This wall blocks monsters as well as all projectiles. Monsters performing melee attacks who come in contact with a wall will use their melee attacks to damage it instead of their opponent. It is an obstacle for both you and your opponent, so its main use is to block an incoming attack when you don’t want to use Stamina, or to buy you time to regenerate some energy. It can also make an aggressive enemy dash to get around it, consuming their Stamina. It can be destroyed through enough damage.

  • Lasts for 5 seconds

EX Rock Wall

  • Creates a wider wall with more health that prevents the enemy from getting around it as easily.

Fire Wall
Creates a wall of fire that damages and pushes away enemy monsters but does not block projectiles.

  • Does 15 damage on touch
  • Fire projectiles that pass through this wall get +10 damage
  • Lasts for 5 seconds

EX Fire Wall

  • Does 20 damage on touch
  • Fire projectiles that pass through this wall get +20 damage
  • Lasts for 10 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in the spectator cam after the battle they were spectating ended
  • Fixed a bug that made switching through monsters in the AI Spawner to not cycle properly
  • Fixed a bug where looping EX abilities consumed mana for certain looping abilities

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