New Battle UI Preview WIP

I’ve been working on a lot of things, mostly ironing out some kinks but also adding in lots of new stuff.

One of the things I’ve changed recently is the battle UI.


As can be seen, the health bars are no longer like the stamina and mana bars. In an effort to help differentiate health from mana and stamina, as well as to make it more clear to players and spectators, health bars are now circular bars that also display in numbers how much health monsters have available.  They are also quite large so it’s always really easy to see without having to strain your eyes.

The UI that displays the ability command text as well as the bar that fills up as the ability is charging up have all been incorporated into the health UI. No longer will the ability charge UI overlap with your health bar. In the image you can see that coming from the top of the health UI is the now attached ability charge UI showing that Flareball has recently completed for Brydon.

The UI for the abilities has also been going through changes, though this is a bit more WIP. But right now the ability icons glow white in the center when the ability is available for use and become dark when the ability is not available.

As always, this is all WIP and changes are being made daily.