More Progress On Obstacles

I’ve made a bit more progress on Obstacles since my last post.

The Fire Wall ability felt a bit lacking since it doesn’t block projectiles. This leaves your monster vulnerable while casting for very little payoff. The only real reason to use it would be on reaction to an incoming melee attack, but that seemed too situational for me.

Luckily a viewer on YouTube(Bleck Jimtarters) suggested to me that Flame Wall could combo with friendly projectiles in some way. I’ve taken his suggestion, and currently Flame Wall will buff Fire type projectiles by increasing their damage +10. Non Fire Projectiles will gain the burn effect but no damage buff.

There is a visual effect on the projectile after it passes the Flame Wall to let you know that it has been buffed, though it may be a bit hard to tell since projectiles move pretty fast.

Flareball passing through Flame Wall. Yellow ring added to projectile as well as a size increase to let you know the projectile has received a buff.

For EX Flame Wall, the damage buff on Fire projectiles is upped to +20 and it replaces the Burn effect with the Ignite effect. Non Fire Projectiles just gain the Ignite effect.

Flareball passing through EX Flame Wall. Blue ring added to projectile and a larger size increase.

I still don’t know how much use Fire Wall will see but it’s at least strong on paper now so we’ll have to see once the patch is out.

I’ve also been working on an Earth type obstacle, Rock Wall. Rock Wall is an obstacle that does block projectiles. Also, unlike Flame Wall, Rock Wall does no damage to enemy monsters. So it’s really a more defensive move. When you throw out Rock Wall, you know you are safe until the Rock Wall is destroyed or the enemy dashes out of its way. It’s also a useful way to trade vs expensive enemy projectiles. It should be useful to cast and buy some time to regenerate Stamina.

While Rock Wall might seem pretty straight forward, it has been a lot of trouble to get it to work properly. First I had to be careful to not make it too cheap, because you could infinitely delay the game. But if made too expensive then it wouldn’t really serve its purpose as an ability that let you regenerate resources.

This became a big problem because Earth abilities all had a Mana and Stamina cost. The combined cost was something I felt made Earth monsters more unique, but in the end it’s causing a lot of problems.

So for now I’ve made Earth abilities like the other types, where they only cost Mana unless it’s a hybrid ability like Rock Punch. With Rock Wall costing only Mana, it can now be used to regen Stamina.

Terram Spawned a Rock Wall. Art is temporary.

The Rock Wall has 25 Health, so it will block 2 Flareballs, but only 1 Fireball.

Another big problem I had was dealing with incoming melee attackers. One way to handle it could have been like Flame Wall, where enemies take damage for running into the wall. But that also meant your own monster would run into it when doing melee attacks, and it also made it feel less like a defensive obstacle and more like a Flame Wall.

Right now the way it works is that any monster performing a melee attack that comes into contact with the wall, will target the wall rather than trying to go through it. So If the enemy performs a Haymaker and they run into a Rock Wall, they will stop and Haymaker the Rock Wall.

Here is an example of Terram using Haymaker on its own Rock Wall.

I feel like this is more appropriate since it keeps it very different from something like Flame Wall while also not making your monster look too dumb running into the Rock Wall and taking damage. Taking some damage might be more appropriate for charging attacks like Tackle so I might work that in later.

So this is some progress I’ve made with Obstacles. There are so many cool things I can still make, like force fields that slow projectiles or shoot them back. Maybe an Ice Mine that freezes opponents on contact. Make sure to leave me some ideas if you think you have any cool ones.

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