Cooldown System didn’t work well for the game

After a lot more testing, I realized that the cooldown system was causing a lot of problems and ended up not feeling right for the game. While I enjoyed how precise the system was in letting you know when an ability would be available again, the current resource system lets me quickly glance at my Mana and Stamina bar as well as my enemy’s and I know more or less what we are both currently capable of. With the cooldown system I had to look at each of my 4 abilities individually, my cooldowns and charges, as well as look at my enemy’s.

I thought the cooldown system would make it easier for players to know when an ability is available or not. It instead created more instances of players attempting to perform abilities that weren’t available. What’s nice about the resource system, is that as long as you have the mana and stamina available, you can perform any ability. Should have been obvious I guess. Looking at 2 things is easier than keeping track of 4.

I’m glad I experimented with this though. It would have still been in the back of my mind if I hadn’t. I will now work on ways to refine the current system. I also really like the circular progress bars I came up with. Maybe I can use them for something else?

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