Patch v0.0.51, Projectiles Nerf at Close Range and Battle Camera Changes

A quick follow-up patch from the recent v0.0.5 patch.
Patch notes for v0.0.5 can be found here:

Nerf to Projectiles at Close Range

All projectile abilities now take 30% more time to cast if monsters are within 500 units of each other(close distance). This was done to nerf projectile abilities which were just too good in too many situations. Projectiles are still great abilities, but up close they will be slow enough to be countered by melee abilities.

This really changes up lots of things, since a move like Fireball which does 25 damage(damage required to cause a knock-down) was way too safe of an ability due to being reasonably quick and armor not being a threat. Now even a Rock Punch can out-speed a close range Fireball.

Some faster projectile abilities should still work fine up close but this will overall encourage projectile abilities to be used as a distance tool, and not as a response for any situation. 500 units isn’t very much distance so Projectiles can still be used effectively when relatively close to the enemy.

Changes to the Battle Camera

The battle camera has received a few changes, but the main one being that it helps players by letting them know when they are withing 500 units of the opponent. This isn’t really something that should be relied on, but it will definitely help players develop a feel for the distance. Below are the specifics.

The battle camera isn’t so stiff now which overall makes battles look a little smoother and more cinematic I feel.

The battle camera is now generally further away from the battle, allowing you to see more of the battlefield. This is especially useful in 2v2 battles, but overall makes the game feel more open.

The battle camera used to move closer as the distance between monsters became shorter. Now the camera won’t go closer than a certain distance until the monsters are within 500 units of each other. Once within 500 units, the camera will zoom in a significant and fixed amount which will let players know that they are within this distance.

Do the Dugo Patch v0.0.5 + Exclusive Halloween Cosmetic

The next patch is finally here, after a long time dealing with annoying bugs, I finally squashed them and Dugo is here, along with other goodies.

New Monster Dugo

Dugo is available in both a Water and an Ice variant. This makes Dugo the first pure water monster available. But that’s not the only thing that makes Dugo special. Dugo is the first Diver monster, meaning that Dugo’s Recharge ability is replaced with a new Dive ability.

After using Dive, Dugo will no longer regen Stamina and will instead regenerate Mana when being passive. Dugo will also gain a 1.5X speed multiplier while submerged. So while Dugo is a very slow monster, if you invest some points into speed, Dugo becomes one of the fastest monsters after using Dive. Using Dive while submerged will take Dugo out of the water again, removing the speed multiplier and allowing the regen of Stamina.

Dive is not a pure Water type exclusive thing. Ice Dugo is a Diver as well. Dive has a cast time during which Dugo is left vulnerable.

I will be looking at the Dive ability closely to determine how strong it is and balance it appropriately in a future patch.

Exclusive Halloween Cosmetics

Halloween is almost here, and to celebrate we got the Trainers all dressed up in Orange and Green colors. Customizing your Trainer’s outfit colors is something that is coming soon, but in this patch everyone will be dressed for Halloween. Also all Trainers will have Pumpkin Heads.

Players that bought the game before or during this Halloween will receive an exclusive Pumpkin Head cosmetic once Trainer customization is available in an upcoming patch.

New Wilds

The Wilds has been replaced with a new and simpler version. The portal is now at the end of a linear path, so no more feeling lost. Before getting to the portal, you have to face 2 challenges. After winning the two challenges you proceed to the next level. This Wilds is also much more friendly to lower end PCs. The initial level of the Wilds will depend on your monster’s current level so if you lose you won’t have to start from the beginning. The new Wilds also has 1v2 scenarios(with lower levels and AI difficulty) in the later statges so check that out. Lets see who can get to the furthest Wilds level.

In the future I might not call this the Wilds anymore and might bring in a new mode that fits the Wilds name better.

Monster Display, Skins coming soon

The new Monster Display is here which will give you a 3d view of your monster rather than only showing you a picture. This allows you to have a better view of your monster in order to view Hue changes properly. In Style menu, you will see the Hue options as well as a new Skin option. There are no Skins in this version but they will be coming soon once we get some more database work done. You will be able to combine Skins and Hue options to create some cool results.

Xbox Controller Friendly UI

It’s not perfect, but the UI is much more Xbox controller friendly now, so you should now be able to go through most of the game with your xbox controller. There are some exceptions but 99% of the game should go smoothly.

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a bug where abilities were not appearing for clients from time to time(so annoying….)
-Fixed a bug where Brydon’s health wouldn’t show up in battles sometimes
-Fixed a bug where Brydon would follow the enemy monster after the battle was over instead of returning to you…
-Fixed a bug where Trainers would change gender when in battles

Balance Changes

-Mind Warp, decreased cast time, big higher cost
Reason: Mind Warp wasn’t very viable in most situations because the enemy had too much time to react. Now it will be a bit harder to interrupt Mind Warp, but its high cost will limit its use.

-Rock Punch, decreased cast time
Reason: Rock Punch was too slow and too easy to dodge. It is still slow but at least now it can be used as a counter move due to its armor.

-Poison Fumes, increased damage from 3 to 5 each tick
Reason: It was often not worth using with that low damage. Poison moves want to bring the enemy down over time while avoiding combat while the poison ticks are still going down. Poison Fumes encourages you to stay aggressive but 3 damage wasn’t much incentive. 5 damage might do the trick.


-Starting battle positions are further apart now.
Reason: This is a starting point for some changes coming in the future, but right now I just feel it looks better with the monsters having more space between each other. This makes it harder to engage with melee attacks right away, even armored ones. A side effect right now is that Charging attacks like Tackle can now be instantly performed at the start of the match or after resetting positions. Charging attacks have received many nerfs in previous patches however, and with the extra distance it shouldn’t be too strong. I will keep my eye on this though, but Charging attacks are going to see a cool change coming soon.

-AI Spawner gives AI Martial Arts Belts
Reason: I’m laying some ground work for customizing your monster with accessories. Right now the belts will vary in color depending on AI difficulty. AI in the Wilds and in AI Spectate won’t have the belts. Only AI spawned through the AI Spawner(red machine) in Arena maps.