Muddy But Fair Patch Notes v0.0.4

M.EXE Patch Notes v0.0.4

Some of the changes here were already in the last version but were never officially listed.
I posted hotfixes to fix certain issues as quickly as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiplayer now works more stable than ever. Should be much smoother now.
  • Fixed a bug where your monster’s abilities were being reset to default abilities every time you changed maps.
  • Fixed a bug where charging attacks like Tackle were being activated outside of melee
  • range, resulting in many of them missing awkwardly.
  • Fixed a bug where stance abilities were allowing Stamina regeneration during use.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera transition for battles was very clunky, especially in the Wilds.


  • New Alternate Camera added for battles. You can press Tab while in battle to toggle this new camera mode on/off. This camera is placed behind your monster and simulates a Trainer’s perspective in battles. WASD are also remapped while in this mode to better fit the perspective and should feel pretty natural. This is an optional camera mode.image_2016-09-15_10-08-29
  • Auto Level Up to 10 for Unranked Arena games. When you create or join another player’s Arena, all of your monsters will temporarily be bumped up to level 10. After leaving the Arena game your monster’s original level will be restored. This is done to make it much easier to play multiplayer games without having to worry about level differences which would make matches unfair and not fun. In the future I will introduce a Ranked Multiplayer mode where you will join in with your current monster and automatically battle another player in a Bo3 match. This mode will require your monster to be level 10. More details on Ranked Multiplayer will be given as it gets closer in development.

New Abilities(New Mud Abilities, Yay Whomper!)

  • Mud Ball/Snow Ball
    Mud Ball and Snow Ball are new Mud and Ice abilities which do more damage the longer the projectile takes to hit its target. Another thing that makes these abilities unique is that they are the first projectile abilities that stay on the ground, meaning that they aren’t likely to collide with incoming projectiles which can be good or bad.
  • Mud Heal/Water Heal
    Mud Heal and Water Heal are the first healing abilities which are Mud and Water type respectively. Mud Heal will consume Mana in exchange for replenishing Health and Stamina. While Water Heal will consume Stamina and replenish Health and Mana.
  • Mud Shower
    Same as Water Shower but being a Mud ability it drains less Mana in exchange for some Stamina.

Balance Changes

  • Flame Charge and Fire Punch have both received a damage nerf, from 30 damage to 27. Neither of these abilities was difficult to land and it was very costly to block for squishier characters. At 27 damage, these abilities will still do good damage to squishy characters but won’t result in free knockdowns anymore.
  • Acid Spray and Water Spray have been renamed to Acid Shower and Water Shower. Spray will be saved for future abilities that will be a better fit for the name. Both have received a cost reduction as well which should make these abilities much more useful.
  • Water Shower and Water Blast are now high tier Water abilities, which means that only pure Water monsters will have access to them. A new monster coming in the next patch will meet this requirement but until then these abilities cannot be accessed.


  • Lowered grass height in the Wilds. Low level monsters were almost completely covered in grass at times making it difficult to see.
  • Improved lighting in all the Arena and Hub maps which should also run more efficiently.
  • Full Screen, Windowed and Borderless screen modes are all working very well now.
  • Improved Trainer movements in battle. This should help the Trainer not be in the way as often and look a bit less awkward.
  • Made Very Easy and Easy difficulties a little bit less Easy.
  • The AI difficulty of your AI opponent will be listed in the Battle UI right above their listed abilities.
  • Edited Whomper’s appearance to make him feel a bit more muddy.
  • Changed some of the dialogue from NPCs in the PlayerHub and ArenaHub.


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