Multiplayer FIXED!! + Performance Boost in Battles!

Now Live on Steam!

The bug is fixed and multiplayer works again. Eliminating this bug, which was always present but dormant until recently, also resulted in a good performance boost during battles. Depending on your machine, you may notice some improvements.

Many other bugs have been fixed, including a bug where your monster’s abilities would reset to default after using a portal.

There is a new bug in 2v2 where your camera won’t switch when you switch targets, but that’ll be an easy fix. Now that the game has 1v1 online working well I can focus on adding content and fixing up less serious bugs.

There has been some new content added while I was working on fixing the multiplayer bug, but it’s not much. I will try to list them in a more detailed manner in the next patch notes once I fix up and add a few more things and officially release the next version of the game.

But if you want to see some of the content added, then you can look at Whomper’s new Mud abilities, and the new Snow Ball ability that Bricedon has access to. Now that Whomper has a few more moves, the higher tier Water moves are also not accessible anymore until I add a real Water type monster in the near future.

These are happy times. With this huge hurdle out of the way, the game can get back to growing again.

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