Unreal Version Upgrade Brought Some Bugs


The upgrade brought a lot of good things but it also messed some other things up. Talking to monsters wasn’t working at times. Sometimes the button labels that let you know you can press Spacebar to interact were gone. Projectiles were behaving really weird at times. Monsters sometimes use their melee abilities when out of melee range.

The worst thing is that in Multiplayer matches, the player joining the game would experience a weird buggy lag when playing vs the host.

I have uploaded another version of the game to steam and will continue to do so as I keep fixing things up. Most of the problems mentioned have already been resolved in the version that’s up. I still have to do lots of more tinkering and testing before the game is back to a proper state, especially for Multiplayer, but we’re getting there.

Just Early Access things I guess, but I still want to thank you all for your patience.

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