v0.0.3 Hotfix 3: Fixed Abilities & Stat Points Resetting, New Unreal Version

Steam Announcement

So this hotfix is more than just that. While there isn’t any real new content, there have been some big changes and this update may be much larger sized than previous patches.

Shortly after v0.0.3 Hotfix 2 was released, I ran into a major problem in development after Unreal crashed and decided to corrupt my files. It took a while to recover but many good things came out of it. The main thing is that I was able to upgrade the Unreal version of this game which solved quite a few bugs I was experiencing on the development side.

Because of this there might be lots of new bugs that may pop up. I got rid of the ones that I could find but I’m going to need your help to make sure I catch em all.

So here are the changes in this hotfix:

Ability Move Sets and Stat Points should no longer get reset in multiplayer matches. Let me know if anyone still experiences this so I can fix it quickly.

Borderless Windowed mode is now the standard. Before upgrading Unreal this wasn’t possible and resulted in terrible graphical glitches. Now you can Alt+Tab without any trouble. I will work on getting true Full Screen mode back as an optional setting but for now Borderless Windowed mode is replacing it.

Game is now in Shipping mode instead of Development mode. Which means:

The game is no longer pausable, including multiplayer matches, which was something most players didn’t know they could do. It was pretty messed up so I’m glad that’s gone before anyone really found out about it… phew.

The console is gone. If there was anything cool that you enjoyed doing with the console, let me know. I may add that feature into the game without the console being directly accessible to players.

Again, please let me know if any problems come up so I can look into it. Now that the main technical hurdles have been overcome, I can focus on improvements and adding more content. Expect some content patches soon after I make sure this build is stable.

Had a Hiccup, Back on Track


Soon after the last Hotfix my Unreal Editor crashed and files were corrupted. After replacing the corrupted files with my backups the problem still persisted and I was stuck on this for quite a while…

Lots of weird and technical things went down and there was a lot of trial and error but suffice to say that the game is back on track. I got a working version and also updated the Unreal version I’m working with which allows me to do some neat things.

The next version of the game should fix the abilities and stat points resetting in Multiplayer matches. It will also make Borderless Windowed mode the new standard which will make it easy to Alt + Tab. Soon I will add functionality to switch back to true Fullscreen mode.

Expect the new version soon.