Wild Burrito Patch v0.0.2 Released!

The Wild Burrito Patch is here, bringing the game version up to 0.0.2. Yay, first patch! Hope I didn’t break everything…

The new AI Spectate map is here and can be found in the Create section of the PlayerHub. Here you can sit back and watch AI fight each other on hard difficulty.

AI Spectate:

This patch adds monster leveling and monster hatching to the game. Both can be read about here:



You can now only change between the monster forms you have unlocked. To unlock all the forms just head over to the Incubator Room and begin hatching them all. In the future you will have to craft eggs using items you will find/earn in-game before being able to hatch new forms. But since you are all supporting this game so early in development, all monsters will be free to hatch until I implement items in a future patch. So I recommend that you head over to the Incubator Room and hatch all the monster forms right away! There will be many more cool and unique rewards for all those that support the game early so look out for that in future patches.


You can level up your monster in the new Wilds area. Please remember that the Wilds is in a very early state right now. Many changes/improvements are planned to help make the Wilds a really cool and unique experience.

In each level of the Wilds, you will find a portal that will lead you deeper in. The deeper you go, the harder enemies will be and the more XP you will gain. Your monster will not regenerate health after battles and once defeated you will be returned to the PlayerHub.

The Wilds has been designed so that you don’t face monsters which are too low level for your monster when entering. Your starting depth level will depend on your current monster’s level.

In the future you will be able to find all sorts of awesome items in the Wilds that will be used to create and unlock more awesome stuff. There will also be items that will have more direct uses, such as feeding your monster and regenerating their health between battles in the Wilds.

Items are not yet implemented though. So for now I’ve just spread Burritos throughout the Wilds which, when picked up, will immediately restore 20HP to your monster. When your monster levels up, all health is restored as well.

There have also been numerous visual improvements throughout the game, and changes to the look of certain things to help tie in the whole digital theme of M.EXE. There is of course still a ton of work to be done.

I wish my patch notes were better and more detailed but I’m passing out right now… I’ll definitely elaborate on anything that’s not clear once I’m available again. Cheers!

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