AI Spectate Coming Next Patch

It’s not quite the way I’d like it to be yet, but in the next patch I’m allowing access to the AISpectate map which can be found through the Create portal.


In this map you will spawn without your monster and battling other players won’t be allowed. Instead you will just sit back and enjoy watching AI go at each other. 2 AI will automatically spawn from the yellow portals and begin to battle. Most of the time it will be 2 level 10 monsters but you’ll also see some baby battles from time to time. Both AI are automatically on Hard difficulty so you can see their skills in action.


Your camera will then automatically switch to spectate the match properly. There is no UI and the AI will sometimes do some odd things but for the most part the feature is up and running so I figured I’d let it loose next patch and see how it goes.


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