Time to Hatch Some Eggs

In M.EXE, you and your monster pal have a special bond that can’t be broken. You can’t have another monster and your monster can’t have another trainer.

So what actually happens when you switch monsters?

Their data that determines their physical appearance changes, allowing them to take on different forms that you’ve unlocked. However, your monster’s core data, which holds their consciousness and all the things that make them unique, cannot be overwritten or replaced. So it’s always your buddy, just with a new look.


So how do you unlock new monster forms?

You unlock them by hatching them. In the upcoming build there will be a new portal entrance on the right side of the PlayerHub which will lead to the Incubator Room. In this room you are able to transfer your monster’s core data into an egg. Once the egg hatches, you will have unlocked that new monster form and your monster will be able to freely switch between unlocked forms through the MChanger computers(blue) in the game.


In the future, you will need to gather items to use as ingredients in order to create eggs. Which items you need will depend on the egg you are trying to craft. I don’t like taking anything away from players though, so since all this stuff didn’t make it to launch, everyone who has the game now will be able to freely hatch all the existing monsters without having to gather in-game items. All monsters released from now on will require gathering ingredients in order to create their eggs before you have access to them.

In a future patch, further down the line, new players will spawn into the game with a random monster which will become their first unlocked monster form. In order to unlock more monster forms they will have to gather in-game ingredients in order to create eggs in the Incubation Room.

How will gathering items work?

You will be able to gather items in multiple ways. In the upcoming patch, the Wilds will be open and you fill find all sorts of items spread around there. The quantity of items and the chance of finding rare items will increase the deeper you go.


You will also get items from defeating enemy monsters in battle. The level and and AI difficulty of the monster you defeated will determine your chance to get rare items. And finally, battling other players online will also award you with items that cannot be obtained any other way, encouraging players to play multiplayer matches and compete with one another.

So to all current players, when the next patch hits, don’t be alarmed if you can’t switch between monsters because it tells you that you only have 1 monster unlocked. Just head over to the Incubation Room and begin hatching/unlocking the other monster forms without having to gather any items.

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