Brace Yourselves, Leveling Is Coming

In M.EXE, monsters can be level 1 – 10. The level determines the size and strength of the monsters, as well as some other visual changes. In the current build, levels really only exist for the AI which you can spawn at the levels that you desire.


This is about to change in the next patch. Your monsters will soon start at level 1 and will need to gain experience through battling in order to level up. While I understand that this might be a bit frustrating since monsters start at level 10(the highest level) in the current build, leveling your monsters was always intended to be part of the game but simply didn’t make it in time for release.

But don’t worry, leveling your monsters from 1 to 10 won’t be too long of a grind. I still want level 10 to be easily accessible since the main focus of the game is competitive battling. You will simply need to work a little bit for it instead of getting level 10 for free.

Along with this change will also come the opening of the Wilds which will be a great and convenient way to level up your monster. More info on the Wilds will come soon.


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