Trainer Battle Movement Improved

The trainer being present in the battles was something that I felt made the game feel more like a game where you are the trainer rather than the monsters themselves. Also in the future when you can customize your trainer, having the trainer on screen during battles felt like a good way to view those cosmetic choices and make battles feel more personal to the player.

Ever since though, there have been some problems with the Trainer moving in the way of the monsters and doing some really awkward movements. Especially silly was when the trainer wanted to get to the left of their monster when the monster had a wall to their left, resulting in the trainer walking all the way around the arena just to get to the desired position…

Fortunately most of these issues have been fixed. The trainer now does a much better job of staying next to their monster and not being in an awkward position or moving through between the two monsters. Also the problem with walking around the arena to reach a position has been fixed. Overall trainer movement is much better which makes me happy since it’s one of those things that I wanted to improve before the game was out on Steam Early Access.

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