Early Access Release Date: July 29th 2016


The Steam store page and community hub are now publicly visible to all:

Steam Store Page

Steam Community Hub

As the store page says, the game will be available for Early Access on July 29th! Early Access allows me to keep updating the game while players are able to get their hands on it and test changes out for me. It will also really help with the development costs so I can pay the bills and keep making M.EXE a better experience with more and more content updates.

Please keep in mind that the game is still in development, meaning there will be bugs. I will of course work to fix things as fast as I can.

For those wondering about multiplayer, it’s here. Both online and local multiplayer are up and running. However, for LOCAL multiplayer you currently require 2 gamepads since both the keyboard and the first gamepad are controlling the first player. This is an issue that I’ll be working to fix.

There will be a lot more updates and content to come so stay tuned for more on M.EXE!

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