Packaging Successful! And Local Multiplayer.

After fixing a ton of errors that wouldn’t let me package the game, it finally packaged successfully.



Launching the game works without the editor and starts the main menu, from which I can then spawn into the map.


I was able to successfully join my own game by starting up the game a second time and typing in the default local IP (



So far so good. I’ll have to test it and see if I can get the game to work on separate computers online, but it’s looking good so far.

Basic Main Menu

Made a basic Main Menu to allow players to connect or play on the practice map vs basic AI. Thanks to the Multiplayer Shootout sample project I was able to learn a lot about how to get this to work.


It’s not much to look at but it seems to be functional. Right now the only way to play Multiplayer is probably by typing in the IP of the player hosting. I won’t know for sure until I package the game and try it though.