v0.0.95 Hotfix #1 + Command Queuing

This patch came fast in order to fix a bug that wasn’t letting new players log in. Bug should be fixed, all logging in should be good now.

However, since this was rushed, there are a few things that I was still testing that made it into this patch. It is likely that there is a bug or two in this version.

I will try my best to patch things out as they are found. Please make a post to report any problems you find in the game. It really helps me fix things much faster.


Fixed Bug

  •  New players can log in again. Yay


Known Bugs

  • Monsters you battle are highlighted at the very start of the match
  • Queued abilities sometimes don’t trigger when back in battle position after a knockdown reset
  • Local multiplayer is a bit broken due to the new camera and split screen functionality didn’t make it into this patch yet. Should work fine during battles though
  • UI for cancelling a queued ability isn’t there yet
  • Still some UI that a gamepad can’t handle very well
  • No way of cancelling a queued ability with a gamepad. I guess you can just block for now…
  • Monsters don’t turn when you talk to them, resulting in the talk cam sometimes being behind a wall
  • No way to early cast melee/short range abilities(Cast Now) since repeating the same ability command now queues up another one
  • Abilities that are queued before the battle countdown starts are cancelled as soon as the countdown begins


Queued Commands


Issuing a command while your monster is unable to perform the command now queues the command up to be performed as soon as your monster is able to. This should remove the need to spam keys in order to have your monster follow a command as soon as possible. Pressing X now cancels any ability in your queue(no UI for this yet).

Queued abilities are displayed with an ability icon on your monster during battle. This icon is visible to all players with a few exceptions.

This also allows you to queue up an ability before the battle has even started. Your monster will the perform that ability as soon as the battle starts. The queued ability in this situation is not visible to the enemy player. The same goes for when a knockdown reset is taking place(though that’s a bit bugged right now).

If the queued ability cannot be used due to not meeting a requirement such as having enough mana, the ability will be removed from queue when it would have been time to cast it. The reason for not removing it right away is because some abilities and some future ones give your monster resources which would then let you be able to cast the queued ability.

So the obvious drawback of queuing an ability up is that the enemy can see what ability your monster will perform next. There is an upside however. All commands have a delay between the moment you press the key and the moment your monster begins to react to this command. It’s a small delay but it’s a huge deal during a battle. However, if you queue an ability up and the time that it has been in queue exceeds the time of this delay, then your monster will completely skip the delay and go straight into performing the ability.

It’s an interesting feature that I was playing with in my dev build but now it’s out for others to test, though I wish I could have polished it up a bit more. It feels cool to tell your monster to perform a bite attack and then follow it up with a flareball. Without the delay it makes it almost feel like you are comboing abilities together. You can even try to queue a dash after another dash which looks a bit wonky right now but could maybe be effective in dodging multiple projectiles.

Testing Counter Strikes

In this video you can see a counter attack in action

The idea is that if you time it against an incoming melee attack you will get a punish. Your monster doesn’t have enough time to transition into a block before the strike but an armored ability will activate on time allowing you to counter it yourself. This wasn’t an intended effect but it seemed interesting so I kept it in. If the counter isn’t triggered then the user becomes vulnerable for a short time. The counter also doesn’t work on ranged abilities.

I would like to do more with the counter. I’ve been thinking of making counter a base ability like block and dash. Your monster would do the initial portion of the counter attack in this video, and you would be able to select from a few different counter attacks to perform. By default it would be a quick counter like in this video that does a bit of damage and is too fast to block but can be countered by armored abilities. Another option could be a heavy damage ability that would still do decent damage past a block and would punish an armored response with a knock down but could be countered by another counter. Another option could be a throw maybe, that knocks the enemy down without doing any damage resulting in a reset which includes refilling the stamina bar for both monsters.

This is very WIP so I’ll have to figure out how to implement something like this without it making melee abilities too weak. I’ve been thinking of ways to make melee abilities more common as well as giving players more ability options during battles.

Patch v0.0.95

I’m putting this patch out earlier than I was going to because it fixes a huge bug found by Jason Rodriguez. So big thanks to him for finding it and helping me find the cause of it.

Fixed Monster Freeze Bug

I can’t guarantee the bug is gone for good, but I definitely fixed the root cause of it and haven’t experienced it since

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in your monster not being able to receive any more commands in battle

Reduced Game Size

  • Game should now be about 950mb rather than multiple gigs

Third Person Perspective

  • New Third person perspective changes the way you experience the game outside of battles

New PlayerHub

  • New PlayerHub supports the new 3rd Person perspective
  • PlayerHub now includes the Arena and the Incubator
  • ArenaHub & Incubator Room scrapped




Some improvements to the Wilds. Many more improvements to come as well as a probable name change to this since Wilds isn’t quite fitting for it. Will probably name it Sky Challenge and bring the Wilds back in another way.

  • Improved the graphics a bit of the islands in the Wilds
  • Increased the size of the islands in order to get the same amount of battle space as you get in the Arena maps
  • Fixed a bug that brought your monster back to full health if you added or removed a stat point from your monster’s health stat
  • Increased the healing in between islands to 40 from 20 to better fit the increased amount of health that the game received a few patches ago


Visual Changes

  • New camera when talking to monsters now brings you up close and personal





  • Now has the same amount of force as Rock Shot


Testing New Spawn Effect

I’m testing out a new effect for spawning in. You can see it in action for the monsters here:

I will probably add it to the trainers too if I decide on keeping it. Maybe adding it to the environment would be a good idea too? To sort of simulate the whole world loading in.

Dojo + New Game Mode WIP


You can see new arena force field effects that are more subtle. The force field becomes more visible when a monster is at the edge which is when it’s most relevant. It also creates a border of light when it overlaps objects, such as the ground, ceiling, and even monsters and trainers.

This isn’t just a new map but it’s also a new mode I’m working on. I’ll talk about the new mode more once it’s a bit more fleshed out.


Patch Notes v0.0.9.2

This is a smaller patch to clean up and fix certain issues. There are a couple of buffs to certain abilities but it’s mostly a visual effects change for certain things.

Tighter Battle Camera

Visual Changes

  • Battle camera is now a bit closer to the monsters (significantly closer when monsters are in close proximity of each other)
  • Decreased the size of the Battle UI a bit to help free up some screen space (Will try to make this customizable in a future patch)
  • Updated visual effect for Recharge base ability
  • Made the red circle effect under projectiles thinner and more subtle
  • Changed the color of EX Psychic abilities to make them stand out more
  • Fixed fire melee abilities not having the proper fire effects or colors
  • Uppercut abilities now have more of an upward force, launching enemies up a bit
  • Using the Cast Now command by issuing the ability command a second time now properly displays the added ” NOW!” text (I will probably find a better way of issuing this command in a future patch)
  • Removed the belts from spawned AI. (Belts were being tested here and will return in a future game mode)
  • Added many trailing effects to different projectiles where appropriate
  • Made Water projectiles more visible
  • Stopped many ability effects from immediately disappearing as soon as the ability ends
  • Improved the visual effect of Flame Breath and Frost Breath as well as their EX counterparts
  • Added a spawn effect to rocks that are spawned during abilities, such as Rock Punch & Rock Protect
  • Added a large dust effect when rocks are spawned to leave a haze of dust in the air during battle

Hiding Non-Battle UI

You can now use the “;” key to toggle most non-battle UI. This will help free up screen space to better spectate/record battles.


Heavy Psy Bubble can be a very powerful EX ability but its slow speed combined with its projectile lifetime makes it a bit too easy to avoid. This change should make Heavy Psy Bubble a bit more of a threat without going overboard. Psy Bubble also gets a small increase to help out a bit.

Psy Bubble

  • Projectile lifetime increased from 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds

Heavy Psy Bubble

  • Projectile lifetime increased from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds


Psy Burst has it’s situational uses, but usually Psy Push could accomplish similar results. To make it more worthwhile its damage has been increased.

Psy Burst (EX Psy Push)

  • Damage increased from 3 damage X 3 to 5 damage X 3


While the EX versions were already useful, Flame Breath and Frost Breath became a lot less useful after the change of pacing for battles in the previous patch. To help these abilities out I have given them persistent armor, which the used to have in a much earlier version of the game.

Flame Breath

  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time


  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time


Frost Breath

  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time

Freeze Breath

  • Now has persistent armor during the entire cast time